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Plato Kasserman

Time, time, time is what turns kittens into cats.

22 May 1977
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I'm switching over to platokasserman and I'll be using that journal instead from now on. :) I can't promise that I'll update more, though, but I'll try!

Welcome to my personal journal! Please check out plato_kasserman for my writing blog. I write a lot of fantasy and sci-fi for young adults. If you want to read a sample of my writing, timothytimeless is available for your perusal.

Also, if you like Neopets, I maintain the community babaa. Join us if you feel so inclined!

Babaa Dance Party!

Let's be honest. My journal has been pretty boring ever since I got a life. Nowadays I rant to my wife (downwardlashes) a whole lot more than I do in my journal. I think this is an improvement.

Anyhoo, here's a quick rundown of how I would describe myself to the moderately curious. My name is Plato. I am an aspiring novelist currently struggling against my arch nemeses of disorganization and procrastination. I'm also a college student and future librarian. I adore cats and other animals. I have an amazing wife. She helps keep me sane and together we adore even more kitties and puppies. We also have an adorable son named Caspian. He was born March 3, 2006! Now we have a very cute daughter named Zinnia! She was born on December 21, 2007! Er, that'll probably be it for us now that we have two awesome kids.

If you would like to know more about me, well, you're weird. Go away.

No, just kidding. Come in and have some coffee, or tea, if you prefer. Virtual, of course!




Q: Is your name really "Plato"?

A: Yes. My name really is Plato. ...What?! Shut Up! ...Stop looking at me like that!

Obligatory Disclaimer! If I left a comment in your journal after you just posted and you have no idea who I am, it is very likely that I found your journal through the Latest Posts page. I go there quite a lot when I'm bored and, if I find something interesting, sometimes I comment. Really. It's nothing personal. I have no idea who you are. This is the Internet.

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zenokarasu got their Neopet at http://www.neopets.com

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